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What is the council planning to build?


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Since the formation of SOLVE in 2009 we have been successful in lobbying for lower housing growth in the Borough. Further, we do not support large scale development on any Greenfield sites east or west. However, the Council has reneged on their pre-election promise not to build large scale developments on Greenfield sites. The proposals in the Core Strategy for some 3,000 houses on Greenfield sites around Old Basing & Lychpit, Chineham, Sherfield-on-Loddon, Newnham, Mapledurwell & Up Nately and Bramley ignores the central theme of the public consultation that residents do not want to see these large scale developments.
This is a direct result of the Council’s decision to exclude 2,000 acres of land, Manydown, to the west of the Borough. Land bought specifically for planned development including housing. We believe that Councillors have a duty to consider ALL sites on their merits, not on procedural sleight of hand and backroom deals. Therefore our immediate aim is the get all potential sites considered on their merits. At the same time we are opposing large scale building on the sites to the NE. If we allow the proposed Core Strategy to go ahead then the threat to the rest of the Loddon Valley is very real.  
Major house-building companies are pushing for these developments and ultimately 9,000 houses could invade the Loddon Valley and its hinterland. To put this in perspective, there are around 3,200 dwellings in Old Basing and Lychpit now. The plans could mean 20,000 extra people on your doorstep. These huge developments could swamp our communities. If these massive housing schemes go ahead, we can expect:
  • Destruction of a North Hampshire Conservation Area and important wildlife habitats
  • A significant loss of rural character to the east of Basingstoke
  • A complete loss of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs)
  • Increased risk of flooding and pollution of the EU protected Loddon River
  • A massive increase in traffic, pollution and noise on already crowded roads. A nightmare A33.
  • Insufficient infrastructure to cope with the increased population
  • Increased school class sizes, hospital waiting lists and strain on policing
  • Many years of continual building work, noise pollution and heavy vehicles
It's time to make a stand
Visit – “What Can You Do?” for further information including how to donate to SOLVE.
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