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Press Release June 2010

SOLVE calls for basingstoke council to Honour the manifesto and legislative agenda of the coalition government by cancelling the SHLAA, reducing annual housing targets & preventing large scale development on greenfield sites.

SOLVE (Save our Loddon Valley Environment) will hold a meeting at 10am on Saturday June 5th at Old Basing Village Hall as part of its campaign to challenge the Basingstoke & Deane SHLAA process which recommends a significant area of ‘Greenfield’ land immediately adjacent to Old Basing be “allocated” for developers to build up to 9,000 homes.

Maria Miller MP comments: “Local residents want the changes in the planning process that Conservatives campaigned for at the General Election. The SHLAA process runs counter to the principles of local accountability. Continuing the process is wasting Council Tax Payers money”.

“Government, both locally and nationally, has committed to rejecting the top down centralised planning approach of the previous Labour government and to ensuring that all planning matters are based on the input and demand of local people” explains Clive Pinder of SOLVE. “Despite this, Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council is still proceeding with the planning process mandated by the previous government and in doing so is actively encouraging land owners of Greenfield sites to make their land available for massive development projects like the one proposed by Taylor Wimpey on that would see up to 9,000 homes built across the Loddon Valley east of Old Basing”.

The current SHLAA is already the subject of extensive debate among Councillors, Officers & Residents; specifically over the current plans to include the land east of Old Basing. SOLVE has presented evidence including the fact that:

  • there has been inadequate consultation and a process that “lacks sufficient democratic accountability”
  • development would be in conflict with local, national & EU policy, guidance & legal obligations including those published by:

- The Environmental Agency
- Established planning authorities
- Water quality directives
- Habitat Directives
- Biodiversity Action Plans
- Groundwater Protection Zone guidelines
- Green Infrastructure guidelines

  • There are established precedents for exclusion due to:

- Flood Risk
- Sites of national historic importance
- Sites of national and international importance for environmental reasons

SOLVE (Save Our Loddon Valley Environment) is a non-political group set up by local people to represent residents who believe our unique eco-systems and historic sites of national significance are as important as our economic aspirations, and should be protected for the continued enjoyment of the wider Basingstoke community.

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