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Parish Newsletters - January 2011 -Tell the Council where to put their houses

Following the SHLAA debate the BDBC Planning Department has approved land to the East of Old Basing and Chineham as 'suitable' for development of up to 9000 homes. The Loddon Valley environment, biodiversity, our communities, not to mention the whole characteristic of the Borough, would be destroyed.

The Council is currently seeking residents’ opinions on how many homes Basingstoke needs and where they should be built. The consultation period ends on 14th January. Don’t let Christmas distract you. Have you responded to the Council ‘Community Engagement’ questionnaire on housing numbers? It is vital that residents in Old Basing, Newnham, Chineham and surrounding villages have a say. The Developers, Planners and Landowners have had their say, now it’s your turn.
When completing the questionnaire, don’t feel constrained by the format. If you don’t like the choices provided, make your own choices in the ‘Other’ box. You do not have to tick every box it asks for. Remember the first part of the survey is about your community, the second part is about the whole Borough. SOLVE has issued guidance to help you complete the ‘Community Engagement’ questionnaire both via our new website and to our many supporters on our email list.

There is a lot of information available to help you make a decision. Visit the Council website at click “New Homes Consultation”. Hard copy of the questionnaire and documents are also available from the council offices.

Did you know the average number of new homes built in the Borough in the last 3 years is 1,315 pa, and over the last 10 years the average is 900 pa? This is well above current local plans. Basingstoke and Deane has continued to build houses whilst most local authorities have reduced or stopped theirs. We’ve had our share.

Did you know that VAT is not payable on new homes yet it is on extensions and renovations? Could this explain why so many perfectly sound houses are demolished and rebuilt? The UK has around 3 million vacant houses and around 2.5% of the Borough’s housing stock is empty. SOLVE is working with the Save Manydown Group (SMG) looking at the population and housing evidence. It is our aim to keep the total housing need low in order to protect all Greenfield sites. Early evidence is that between 350 and 450 units a year would satisfy local needs. However, there is no money available to address the critical infrastructure deficit, estimated at £600M, which is a requirement to support more houses.

SOLVE needs your help. Although we have several hundred on our register we need more. Register your email address with SOLVE and keep up to date with the campaign. Ask your friends to register. There are 2 ways to do this:
1. Go to our new website at and register with us by clicking the bold 'Register with us' link at the top of the page
2. Send an email to
If you are not on line then contact – Kate Tuck on 01256 324043

Peter Bloyce, SOLVE
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