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SOLVE News November 2010

Taylor Wimpey has a long term option agreement on the purchase of the Kings Fund land east of Basingstoke and on 16th September SOLVE met with Kings Fund representatives including the CEO. Our case, based on environmental concerns, was put by Kate Tuck and Clive Pinder for SOLVE. This agreement, signed in 2006, was made before the current Executive & Trustee were in post and the CEO accepted that the Trustees have a moral responsibility to review this. SOLVE has been invited to write a letter to Fund Trustees in time for next Board meeting at the end of October. If they accept the development would be inappropriate, they may try and modify the option agreement; a legal issue.

SOLVE is spearheading a Borough wide campaign against large scale development anywhere in BDBC and we have canvassed local Parish Councils & Residents Groups with a view to collaborating. Many have now confirmed they want to be involved including the Manydown Action Group. Our MP, Maria Miller, is a strong supporter of this approach and her office is now involved in organising a meeting of these groups. For information the number of houses built in the Borough over the last 10 years averaged 900 a year; well above targets.

Presentation given by Clive on 6th November

Clive gave a presentation on the 6th November at the Town Hall. Click here to download it.

Press Release 1st November


SOLVE (Save our Loddon Valley Environment) will hold a meeting at 10am on Saturday November 6thth at Old Basing Village Hall as part of its campaign against the plans by Taylor Wimpey to build up to 9,000 homes on ‘Greenfield’ land immediately adjacent to Old Basing in the Loddon Valley.

The meeting, organised by SOLVE in response to Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council’s ‘Public Consultation on New Homes’, will take the form of a ‘Question Time’ panel with guests including Maria Miller MP, Rob Golding (Cabinet Member for Planning) and local Councillors including Onnalee Cubitt, Sven Godeson, Stephen Marks & Martin Biermann.

SOLVE – The Council carries on regardless

SOLVE – The Council carries on regardless

August is usually a quiet month but not so for SOLVE. In our letter writing campaign so far we have written to MP’s, Councillors and the Council Chief Executive. All these can be seen, with replies, on the SOLVE website under “News & Media”. On 14th September SOLVE members Kate Tuck and Clive Pinder have a meeting with the Kings Fund, owners of much of the land planned for development. We hope to produce a report for our website.

On 13th August Basingstoke & Deane Council Corporate Director published her report on the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) sites referred to her from the Borough Council Planning and Infrastructure Oversee and Scrutiny Committee (P&IOSCOM). There were no changes to the site categorisations. In other words they stay in the SHLAA as “sites assessed for potential housing”. There were some amendments to the detail and constraints such as the removal of the reference in BAS121 on the need to work with developers in BAS102 and 103. This report along with other P&IOSCOM documents can be found on the Council website.

SOLVE was able to assist the Corporate Director when she had difficulty locating the Environment Agency (EA) comments referred to in the SHLAA. This SOLVE letter, with EA comments, is also on our website under “News & Media”.

Letter to Tony Curtis, Chief Executive Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

Dear Mr Curtis,

I am writing on behalf of SOLVE in order to bring to your attention the performance of your Planning Officers at the P&I OSCOM meetings called to review the SHLAA recently.

Download the letter here: CE BDBC Planning document

Press Release July 2010

Up to 100 SOLVE members will present a petition with over 2,100 signatures calling on the council to withdraw land that has been endorsed by the council as suitable for development, and holding the council responsible if planning applications are made as a result of the SHLAA. SOLVE will present a petition to their Councillors at 6:30pm on Monday July 26th at the Civic Offices as part of their submission to the 'Planning & Infrastructure Oversight & Scrutiny Committee' which will review what plots should be withdrawn from the latest version of the SHLAA.

Press Release June 2010

SOLVE calls for basingstoke council to Honour the manifesto and legislative agenda of the coalition government by cancelling the SHLAA, reducing annual housing targets & preventing large scale development on greenfield sites.

SOLVE (Save our Loddon Valley Environment) will hold a meeting at 10am on Saturday June 5th at Old Basing Village Hall as part of its campaign to challenge the Basingstoke & Deane SHLAA process which recommends a significant area of ‘Greenfield’ land immediately adjacent to Old Basing be “allocated” for developers to build up to 9,000 homes.

Meeting at the Village Hall - Saturday 5th June

From Peter Bloyce (SOLVE)
Old Basing

It was standing room only at the meeting at Old Basing Village Hall on Saturday 5th June with over 150 attending and over 100 more residents signing up to SOLVE.  A fantastic turnout and thanks to everyone who attended.

Clive Pinder gave an excellent presentation and contributions from our local MP, Maria Miller, as well as local councillors indicated their strong support for our cause.  Those present were left in no doubt as to the threat and difficulties ahead.  A number of actions are being taken forward from this meeting.  By the time this article is published in the Basinga the SHLAA public consultation period will have ended (21st June).  However, the work does not end there.  A number of important council committee meetings lay ahead and SOLVE will be present with, we hope, a number of residents also attending, details later.  People power is so important.